Group Rates


 Shawnee County Schools

 All Other Groups

 Seniors (age 65 and up)

$2.00 per person + Tax

 $4.25 per person + Tax

 Adults (ages 13-64)

$2.00 per person + Tax

 $5.25 per person + Tax

 Children (ages 3-12)

$2.00 per person + Tax

 $3.75 per person + Tax

 Under 2



Effective November 1st 2017

All group rates will no longer include tax please plan accordingly.  If you are tax exempt you MUST bring a copy of your tax exempt form to present at the time of admission to the zoo.  We will be unable to retroactively remove tax if this form is not presented at check in.  Please note if you are bringing a tax exempt form payment must be made by the entity on either their checking account or on a credit/debit card issued to the organization. Cash, personal checks or personal credit/debit cards can not be used for a tax exempt purchase.

As you prepare for your zoo trip, please keep the following Topeka Zoo policies in mind:

  1. To receive the GROUP RATE, you must pre-register a minumum of 48 hours in advance of your trip.

  2. A group is considered to be 15 individuals or more.  If your group is under 15 attendees, regular admission will apply.  Any individuals paying separately from the group will be charged regular admission.  Any person entering the zoo must pay including teachers, school personal, and caregivers.

  3. Be prepared to make one payment for your entire group.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover as well as Check and Cash.  Please make checks payable to Friends of the Topeka Zoo

  4. If any of your group are Friends of the Topeka Zoo members, they will need to have their Membership Cards and ID available to show at the main admissions window.

  5. No outside food or drink are allowed inside the zoo  The Topeka Zoo's Graziers Café is open daily from 11:00 to 4:00.  Boxed lunches are available if ordered in advance.  If you are interested in reserving boxed lunches, please contact Melissa at 785-368-9161.

  If you have any questions regarding your field trip please call 785-368-9161 or you may email
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