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To thrive in the U.S., refugees need English now.

Forced to flee their home countries due to war, persecution, or violence, English education for many was not an option. The U.S. resettles the most vulnerable refugees through the State Department. Then refugees must rebuild their lives here.

They want to learn English. They want to work and contribute. Together, we can help. 

Abounding Service empowers refugees with free English classes. But the cost for us to provide this needed service is $25 per student to attend 3 of our lessons. 

Your gift of $25 a month will enable an adult refugee student to practice speaking English for 3 two-hour-long lessons with computers, volunteer Encouragers, and a group session. Cancel at any time, if needed. Or, add more impact as you are able!


TEACH a refugee 3
Provide 3 Free English Lessons for:

1 adult student  = $25/month
2 adult students = $50/month
3 adult students = $75/month
4 adult students = $100/month 

Provide as many lessons as you want!
Add a custom amount in the "Other" box 



Abounding Service is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible. Questions? Call/text us at 480.229.8842 or email 

Prefer to send a check? Please make it payable to Abounding Service. We receive mail at:

Abounding Service
4573 W. Dublin St.  
Chandler, AZ 85226


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