Childrey Ministry


Carey Childrey serves with PARACLETE Mission Group “coming alongside to help” churches and ministries as they focus on reaching the unreached peoples of the earth for Christ. He develops national leadership for missional outreach, promotes church planting movements and gives strategic consulting to aid fellowships and Christian organizations in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Mr. Childrey also serves as a Minister-at-Large, casting vision through preaching and teaching the Word of God in relation to global outreach. To aid this goal, he has developed NATIONQUEST™, a ministry thrust to “help entire nations find the blessings of God.” You may request Carey to freely “come alongside and assist” your church, small group, ministry and others through PARACLETE. 
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Paraclete associates raise funds to cover the cost of their ministry. Most associates are supported workers, which means that they also raise funds for a salary that is controlled by the Paraclete Board of Directors.

Paraclete separately accounts for donations preferenced for a specific ministry. The organization uses ten percent of all preferenced donations to cover shared expenses.

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