Parris Ministry


“Member Care is no longer an option, 
but strategic in our task to reach the least reached.” 
Jim & Arline understand the lonely and taxing weight of ministry. For 50 years, including 20 years in South Africa, they have served as pastor, nurse, teachers, mentors, group facilitators, coaches and missionaries. They know well the strain carried by front line global workers and the impact on families.
Gospel proclamation is primary; therefore we believe valuable kingdom workers should not “lead on empty.” They are too valuable to lose to burnout. The days of the “Lone Ranger” on the field should be over.
Jim and Arline enjoy being a refreshing resource to those who serve in diverse cultures. They know well that ‘pastors need pastors.’ Coming alongside national workers and missionaries, they are available to listen, preach, speak, teach, coach, and debrief.
The Parrises are excited about 2017 with ministry projects in 4 continents including South Africa and Ethiopia. Please pray and consider supporting financially the “NOT ALONE: LIFT UP YOUR EYES” Tour 2017.” ;
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Paraclete associates raise funds to cover the cost of their ministry. Most associates are supported workers, which means that they also raise funds for a salary that is controlled by the Paraclete Board of Directors.

Paraclete separately accounts for donations preferenced for a specific ministry. The organization uses ten percent of all preferenced donations to cover shared expenses.

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