Spinella Ministry


Steve and Laura Spinella have a passion to care for people in international ministry. They help people in international ministry to stay, flourish, and contribute.
First, by providing care to people, teams, and communities in international ministry. Direct and mutual care is the mark of our love, particularly at times of development, transition, and crisis.
Second, by resourcing and mentoring caregivers in international ministry. Recognizing that there is an emerging international ministry caregiving community, and that the international ministry world is itself a caregiving community, we seek to network, resource, and empower these communities so that together we provide more and better care for one another and people everywhere.
Third, by mobilizing and catalyzing caregiving as international ministry. Caregiving is ministry tailored to individuals, families, and teams’ unique identities, relationships, and multiple contexts, addressing emotional, spiritual, and life history, felt needs, and current challenges.
Their ministry provides help in these specialty areas:
  • Member Care and Counseling
  • Individual, Couple, and Family Debriefing
  • International Ministry Readiness Assessment
  • Couples and Family Consultation, Coaching, and Therapy
  • Counseling Supervision
  • Individual and Team Debriefing for Crisis and Transition
  • Coaching and Group Facilitation
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Financial Consulting for people in ministry
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Biblical Training/Teaching
  • Seminars for Counselors and Caregivers
  • Personal Development and Teambuilding Workshops, including tools such as MBTI, DISC, FIRO-B, and the International Values Inventory  
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Paraclete associates raise funds to cover the cost of their ministry. Most associates are supported workers, which means that they also raise funds for a salary that is controlled by the Paraclete Board of Directors.

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