Peace Begins when the Hungry are Fed.

Your support is the difference between a healthy meal and an empty stomach.

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"Last month, my hours at my second job were reduced. When my eviction notice came, I had to choose between buying food for my children, or paying rent. My neighbor told me that UCM could help, and she was right. They helped me to feed my kids and keep a roof over our heads."  - Jessica

Jessica's story demonstrates the power you have to help neighbors in need.

No one should have to choose between providing food or a safe place for their children to sleep. 

When you donate now to UCM, you are stocking the shelves of the food pantry, so hungry children can eat.

You are turning the heat on for families who struggle to pay their bills.

It is your smile that welcomes people who come to our door each day.

We are here for them, because you are here for us. 

You can help to create more success stories like Jessica's and support the hundreds of families that UCM serves each day.

Please make your donation below as a one-time or recurring gift.

All gifts are appreciated in any amount. Here are some suggestions:

$100 can provide educational and art supplies for children and youth in our after-school programs. 

$250 can provide 1 week of tuition for a low-income family at the UCM Early Learning Center.

$500 can help 1 family in crisis to avoid eviction and homelessness.

$1,000 can stock the UCM Food Pantry for 1 week.

Thank you! 

       Yes, I want to support UCM!  
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