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Since 1932, people affected by emotional and psychiatric problems have come to Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community to participate in a simple rural life which fosters growth and healing. This 100% pure Vermont Grade a Maple Syrup is produced by residents at the Ranch. Your purchase of this syrup benefits the Sarcka Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance to families.

 Vermont Grade A Syrup

Golden Color with Delicate Flavor

Amber Color with Rich Flavor

Dark Color with Robust Flavor

Very Dark Color with Strong Flavor (cooking grade)

Substitutions will be made if supply runs out.

After you select the sizes and quantities to purchase, you will have an opportunity to specify where each will be sent on the following page.
Recent price increase to to an increase in shipping costs. 
Half Gallon - $49
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Quart - $34
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Pint - $24
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Half Pint - $19
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