Build STA Campaign Online Pledge Submission  

STEP 1. Begin by determining an amount that you would like to pledge in total. Multi-year pledges are usually done over a 3 year period.

STEP 2. Select how frequently you would like to make payments toward your pledge – monthly, annually, semi-annually or as a one-time gift

STEP 3. Select your amount per payment toward your pledge

Example Pledge: If you would like to make a pledge of $3,000 paid by annual payments of $1,000, you would select:
Total Pledge Amount = $3,000
Payment Frequency = Annual
Payment Amount = $1,000

* Your first payment will be made upon completing this form according to the payment method (credit card or automatic bank withdrawal) you enter below

** If you prefer to make your pledge offline you can do so by clicking here and downloading the offline pledge form. Please submit the completed form to the school office or email to

*** Naming opportunities in the new school are still available. If you have any questions please contact STA Development Office at or 604-786-6116.

**** By completing this pledge form you agree to make every effort to honor the scope and timing of this commitment, however, you reserve the right to modify your pledge in the event of unforeseen circumstances

Click here to visit the Build STA Campaign Website  
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