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The Aims and Principles of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

To bring together women of different political beliefs and philosophies who are united in their determination to study, make known and help abolish the causes and legitimization of war.

  • To work toward world peace
  • Total and universal disarmament
  • The abolition of violence and coercion in the settlement of conflict and their substitution in every case of negotiation and conciliation
  • The strengthening of the United Nations system
  • The continuous development and implementation of international law
  • Women’s political, social and economic empowerment to achieve gender equality and justice for all.
  • Cooperation among all people
  • Environmentally sustainable development

Believing that under systems of exploitation these aims cannot be attained and a real and lasting peace and true freedom cannot exist, WILPF makes it its duty to further by non-violent means the social transformation that enables the inauguration of systems under which social and political equality and economic justice for all can be attained, without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, or any other grounds whatsoever.

WILPF sees as its ultimate goal the establishment of an international economic order founded on the principles of meeting the needs of all people and not those of profit and privilege.

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WILPF has chosen to use a sliding scale structure for annual membership dues. We want to make sure membership in WILPF is as accessible as possible to everyone regardless of socio-economic lines. We also believe that people should have some say in how much they value a resource and therefore how much they want to pay for it.

We hope you place a high value on the in-depth information and vibrant community of like-minded individuals that WILPF provides and will contribute as much as you are able.

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