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Capital Campaign - Brick
Gifts of $250 or more for the building project will receive special recognition in the form of a "Building the Future" Brick to be installed at the entrance of our new facility.  
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Your brick, personally engraved with your name, the name of your family or business, or even a close friend, will provide a visible and strong statement of your appreciation and support for the dedicated men and women who serve others in their time of greatest need - during a personal emergency.  
The construction of our new facility, replacing our aging 1962 Operations Center, will create an opportunity for you to be a part of this important community partnership. Recognition bricks will show your support for Cetronia Ambulance Corps and will be used to establish a special community focal point at the entrance of our new building. The revenues raised through the campaign support will help fund the facility, which will ultimately allow Cetronia to optimize the delivery of high quality and reliable life-saving emergency medical services.

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