Welcome to Global Children’s Center summer camp enrollment. The following pages will collect the information we require to enroll your child(ren) with us. At the end of this form, you will be expected to submit a payment ($75 registration fee per CHILD and a $220 one-week non-refundable deposit per child).

After you complete this form, you will need to complete a physical copy of the Moon Bounce Wavier.

Medication Administration Authorization Form must be completed if your camper may need any medication(s) while at camp. Per state licensing requirements, a doctor must sign this form.

If you have any issues with the enrollment process, please contact us via telephone at 301.972.5982
Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM. 

Note: Each registration will require a 48-hour processing period after it is received.
Children may not start the same day that a registration is received.

Agreement to Contract Care/Hours of Operation/Summer Camp

Agreement to Contract Care
This agreement is made between
Mother/Parent/Guardian #1 and Father/Parent/Guardian #2


Child Care Provider (herein referred to as Provider)

Global Children's Center
12417 Deoudes Road
Boyds, MD 20841-9022 USA

P: 302.972.5982; F: 301.972.4706
Summer Contract
  1. All children must be picked up by 6:00 PM or a late pick-up fee of $1 per minute will be charged.
  2. There is a $30 fee for checks returned by the bank. After two returned checks, cash payments will be required.
  3. Payments are due on Friday before each week. A $5 late payment fee will be charged for each day after that. If payment is not received by Friday of the week due, your child’s enrollment may be terminated.
  4. Any changes to your summer contract must be submitted in writing prior to June 1, 2018.
* Indicate 
Hours of Operation

Tuition Policies
The rate for one week at Global Camp is $220.00.

A. Your camp payments may be made by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover. $220 of your deposit is applied to your child’s last week camp session. We will be charging a 3.5% processing fee for any credit card or debit card payments that are made.  
* Indicate 
B. Siblings receive a 5% discount off the lesser camp tuition on all weeks that they are in attendance together. The discount does not apply to extended care or registration charges and will be applied to the account once the application is processed.  
* Indicate 
C. Any registration that requires processing after 4:30 PM on the Thursday prior to a session beginning will be charged a $15 expedited registration fee. Under no circumstances will new applications be processed after 4:30 PM the Friday prior to a session starting.  
* Indicate 
D. Camp payments are due by the listed tuition dates found on the General Information page. Any balance remaining on your account after August 1, 2018 is subject to a $30 late fee for each month it goes past due.  
* Indicate 
E. Feel free to contact the Global Children's Main Office for pre-payment options.  
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F. A $1 per minute late pick-up fee will be charged for campers picked up after 6:00 PM.  
* Indicate 

Mother or Parent/Guardian #1 Information
* First Name 
* Last Name 
* Relationship 
* Email 
* Address 
* City 
* State 
* Zip 
* Cell Phone 
  Home Phone 
* Marital Status 
  Other Marital Status 
  Driver's License # 

Father or Parent/Guardian #2 Information
  First Name   Last Name 
  Relationship    Email 
  Address   City 
  State   Zip 
  Cell Phone 
  Home Phone 
  Marital Status    Other Marital Status 
  Driver's License # 

Release of Child
  1. In addition to the parties stated above, the following individual(s) are authorized to pick up your child from the Provider.
  2. The Provider will not release your child to other individuals, including those indicated below, without prior written two-week notice and appropriate proof of identification.
  3. If custody is not shared by both Parents, the custodial Parent must furnish the Provider with a certified copy of the court order or written agreement confirming that the other Parent does not have the custody of the child.
* Indicate 

Emergency Contact(s)/Authorized Pickup(s) Other Than Listed Above
* First Name 
* Last Name 
* Relationship 
* Phone 
* Address 
* City 
* State 
* Zip 
* First Name 
* Last Name 
* Relationship 
* Phone 
* Address 
* City 
* State 
* Zip 

Medical Information
* Doctor/Clinic 
* Phone 
* Address 
* City 
* State 
* Zip 

I understand the tuition obligation and wish to enroll my child/children for the summer of 2018 at Global Children’s Center Camps. I shall be responsible for any attorney or collection fees required to collect unpaid tuition and/or any other outstanding camp charges that may include trip shirt, camp packs, change, or cancellation fees. By signing this agreement, I also give permission for my child/children to be transported to away activities by bus or Global vehicle. I understand that my child will be participating in water-based activities at pools, lakes, and/or water parks. I understand that photographs and video may be taken for promotional usage. Global Children’s Center reserves the right to terminate service at any time. Weeks and dates are subject to change depending on the Montgomery County school calendar. Global Children’s Center Camp locations are all subject to change due to Montgomery County school rental contracts.  
* Indicate 

Global Children’s Center uses Montgomery County Public school buses and vans to transport campers to and from field trips and the swimming pool and field trips. You will receive a summer trip schedule at the beginning of the summer that includes field trip information, important information, and what your child(ren) will need for each trip. This information will also be posted by your child’s teacher in the classroom. Please note, that participation in field trips and going to the swimming pool are privileges. All campers must obey Global Children’s Center rules and policies at all times.  
* Indicate 
I give my child’s teacher(s) permission to apply sunscreen on my child(ren), prior to outdoor activities and swimming. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide sunscreen for my child(ren).  
* Indicate 

Please agree to each of the following terms. By agreeing, you certify that you have read this agreement, that you know and understand the policies and procedures of Global Children’s Center, and that you are entering this agreement knowingly and voluntarily.

I/We understand that by entering my name and the date below on this contract, I agree to abide by all of the Global Children’s Center Policies and procedures, as well as those listed in the Global Children’s Center Parent handbook and those posted at the center.  
I/We understand that my child may not attend Camp Global’s Summer Day Camps unless a completed MSDE Health Inventory Form (with immunization records) is turned in prior to my child starting camp.  
I/We understand that it is my responsibility to bring any special concerns about my child to the Camp Director’s attention at the time of the registration.  
I/We authorize Camp Global to have use, publish, and reproduce photographs, slides, moving pictures, or videotapes of my child for its records or public relations efforts.  
I/We have read the Tuition Schedule. I understand and accept Camp Global’s program concerning the registration fees, tuition, and terms of enrollment.  
I/We understand that once an application is accepted by Camp Global, no refunds or transfer of funds will be made for withdrawal, dismissal, failure to attend for any reason and or any incomplete attendance, for any reason.  
I/We understand that Camp Global will be closed on June 26th, 2018 and July 4th, 2018. I/We understand and agree that there will be no discounted rates and/or credits for these days that camps are closed.  
I/We understand that Camp Global weeks, dates, schedules, locations, field trips and other activities are subject to change without notice.  
I/We further understand that my child will not be re-admitted to the program until space is available and all fees, including late fees, have been paid. In addition, I shall be responsible for any attorney or collection fees required to collect unpaid tuition and/or any other outstanding charges which may include late tuition fees, late pick- up fees, or optional activity fees.  
Camp Global reserves the right to dismiss a camper when, the camper’s behavior interferes with the rights of others, the smooth functioning of the group or activity, or violates the camp’s principles of conduct.  
I/We agree to show respect and show consideration for all staff members and students at Camp Global. I/We understand that any inappropriate behavior displayed by a parent/guardian/family member will result in my child’s termination from Camp Global.  
I/We agree to bring my child into the center in the morning and afternoon and sign him/her in to the designated location for all drop-offs and pick-ups Monday through Friday.  
I/We understand no tuition credit is given for absences resulting from vacation, illness, acts of nature, or any other circumstance outside of Global’s control (including but not limited to inclement weather, power outage, etc.).  
I/We understand I/we shall be responsible for any attorney or collection fees required to collect unpaid tuition and/or any other outstanding camp charges that may include t-shirt, schedule change, or cancellation fees.  
I understand that it is my responsibility to provide lunch for my child everyday. (Parents, keep in mind if you child(ren) have any dietary restrictions that will prevent them from participating in Pizza Friday, you will need to provide their lunch.)  
I/We understand that the deposit of one-week camp tuition is applied to my child's LAST camp session.  
I/We understand that the registration fee is per each child participating in Camp Global, NOT per family.  
I/We understand that the sibling discount must be requested prior to your child starting camp, and that the 5% sibling discount will solely be applied to the weekly camp tuition rates, not to the registration fees or extended care rates.  
Global Children’s Center strives to make accommodations and cater to each of our families. However, please choose your weeks for summer camp with care, as we plan and allocate our resources based on our enrollment.  
Request for Camp Change(s)/Cancellations BEFORE May 31,2018

Adjustments, changes or cancellation of any 1 or more weeks of camp, while remaining enrolled in any other, alternate week(s) at Camp Global will result in a change fee of $25.00 per family for each request to change your family’s registration.

Ex. Ann has two children registered for Camp Global 2018, Chris and Sally. Ann has registered them both for 8 weeks, Weeks 1 through Week 8. On May 20th, she realized they had planned summer vacation during Camp Global Week 6 and would like to switch her weeks. She would like to switch Week 6 to Week 10. For this schedule change, Ann would be charged a fee of $25. For any other changes, Ann would be charged $25 per change of alternating weeks.  
Ex. Ann has registered her two children, Chris and Sally for 5 weeks of summer camp at Camp Global. On May 27th, she decided she would rather go spend her summer with her family in California. Since she has made payment of registration and deposits and is completely cancelling her summer camp, she will not be refunded her registration fee and her deposits will be forfeited.

Cancellation of all weeks at Camp Global, that your family is registered for will result in forfeiture of $220.00 of your deposit per child.  
Request for Camp Change(s)/Cancellations AFTER May 31,2018

After May 31st, 2018: No refunds, credits, or adjustments to your family’s account will be given for cancellation of any weeks of Camp Global.

SIBLING DISCOUNT Families with more than one camper will receive a 5% sibling discount off the second sibling, third sibling, and so on. The sibling discount will ONLY be applied to weekly camp tuition rates, not to the registration fee, or extended care rates.  
I/We also understand that failure to adhere to any of the policies/procedures could result in the dismissal of my child(ren) from Camp Global program immediately.  

Electronic Signature
* Name 
* Date 

Registered Child(ren)

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