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Parent/Guardian #1 Information
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Additional Information
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  Do you have a daughter at Camp Netimus 
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  May we use your name as a reference? 
* May we donate the refund from your sons
spending allownace to the scholarship fund? 
* How did you hear about camp Shohola? 

Please send brochures and contact the following prospective families:

Camp Agreement
The Directors reserve the right to withdraw any camper if it seems necessary for the welfare of the camp. Use of illegal drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated. Refunds will not be given. Firearms may not be brought to camp without the permission of the Directors.

Photographs and video tapes taken of campers while at camp may be used for publicity purposes. Camp policy does not permit campers to place telephone calls unless they have the permission of the directors. Campers may receive telephone calls as outlined in the information sent upon enrollment.

I agree to the terms of enrollment at Camp Shohola and give permission for my son to participate in Camp activities and trips, some of which might result in extra charges.  
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Registered Campers
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