Tall Pines Day Camp Enrollment Application
2018 Registration
Parent/Guardian #1 Information
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Parent/Guardian #2 Information
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Alternate Summer Address (only if different than Parent/Guardian#1 address)
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Other Information
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Emergency Contact Other Than Listed Above
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Terms of Enrollment Agreement (Please read and sign)
1.   Campers and parents agree to abide by rules and regulations set by Directors for health, safety and welfare of campers.

2.   Camp is not responsible for camper's equipment or personal belongings, while in transit or at camp, if lost or damaged by fire, theft or otherwise. Camp will make every effort to provide proper supervision so that losses will be at a minimum.

3.   Directors reserve the right to deny, cancel, sever or suspend a child's enrollment if deemed for the best interest of the camper or the camp, in which case the deposit or unused camp fee will be refunded. Refunds are not provided on a per diem basis. For example, if enrollment is cancelled by Tall Pines at the end of six weeks and a camper is enrolled for eight weeks, the difference between eight and six weeks will be refunded.

4.   The camp fee must be paid in full by May 1, 2018. No reduction or allowance will be made for late arrival or early withdrawal of a camper. No allowance will be made for any interruption in the camp season due to illness, family vacation, and adjustments to the school calendar, etc. Additional payments are required on Nov. 1st and Feb. 1st or on a monthly basis. Deposits are refundable prior to May 1st. There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks. A $50.00 late fee applies to all accounts not paid in full by May 1, 2018.

5.   Changes to transportation or period of enrollment must be made prior to May 1, 2018. Changes made after May 1, 2018 are subject to a $25.00 fee.
6.   Final bunk and transportation arrangements will be made when tuition is paid in full.

7.   Health information is due June 1st. Campers are not permitted to attend without a health information in place.

8.   Special requests are honored if deemed in the best interest of camper, group and camp, and must be in writing. All requests are subject to Director's final approval.

9.   Parent's signature further gives camper permission to participate in all camp activities shown on sample and final schedule, special programs and off-site trips, etc. I understand that part of the camping experience involves activities, group arrangements and interactions that may be new to my child. These things come with certain risks and uncertainties be beyond what my child may be used to dealing with at home. I am aware of these risks, and I am assuming them on behalf of my child. I realize that no environment is risk-free and so I have instructed my child on the importance of abiding by the camp’s rules. My child and I both agree that he or she is familiar with these rules and will obey them.

10.   Parent's signature further gives camp permission to use camper’s likeness or image in camp publications, web site, social media and videos.

11.   Parent’s signature further gives the camp permission to share camper’s address and phone number or email with campers in child’s bunk.
* Parent/Guardian's 

Registered Campers
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