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The Giving Tree is a physical sculpture being built in the lobby of the Irvington Dave Clinic, at 40910 Fremont Blvd, as a way of publically showing the commitment of our partners in the community. The tree’s trunks and fronds are built, and TCHC is looking to the community to help us build the leaves. Each purchase of a leaf will result in a leaf engraved with the donor’s name and attached to the tree.

Leaves are available for $500, $1000, and $5000. All leaves are the same size.


Our Irvington Dave Clinic is dedicated to a freed slave named Dave, one of the original business settlers in the Irvington area of Fremont. "Irvington Dave" was brought to California by an abolitionist, arriving in the Irvington area around 1850. Seeking safety and opportunity, Irvington Dave established a saloon at the intersection of trails to San Jose and Oakland, known as the "four corners." Irvington Dave’s establishment was incorporated into the business district of Irvington, which eventually become part of today’s Fremont. 

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