CS First Application
Thank you for taking the first step to become a CS First volunteer for the Boys & Girls Clubs.  We are thrilled to learn more about you and your desire to impact more Boys & Girls Clubs members throughout Wake County.
You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer. 
If you have any questions about this process or the Boys & Girls Clubs Volunteer Program, please contact bgcwakecsfirst@gmail.com or via phone at 919/834-6282 for Morgan Staton.
Thanks again! 
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Volunteer Information
  Where did you learn about Boys & Girls Clubs volunteer opportunities? 
  Are you seeking to volunteer in order to satisfy court-ordered community service? 
  What is your educational background? 
  Do you have any past or present volunteer experience? 
  What sort of hobbies, interests or activities do you enjoy? 

  Preferences in Location: 
  Raleigh Boys Club   Raleigh Girls Club 
  Brentwood Boys & Girls Club   Zebulon Boys & Girls Club 
  Wake Forest Boys & Girls Club   Washington Elementary Boys & Girls Club 

  Days and Time Available: 
  Monday AM   Monday Afternoon   Monday Evening 
  Tuesday AM   Tuesday Afternoon   Tuesday Evening 
  Wednesday AM   Wednesday Afternoon   Wednesday Evening 
  Thursday AM   Thursday Afternoon   Thursday Evening 
  Friday AM   Friday Afternoon   Friday Evening 

  Current Employer: 
  Employer Address 
  Does your employer extend volunteer time for its employees? 
  Would your employer consider allowing a Boys & Girls Clubs representative speak to other employees about volunteer opportunities? 
  Are you volunteering as a group with your place of employment or with your organization? 
  If so, list here: 

Additional Information
  Do you currently use illegal drugs?    If yes, please explain here: 
  Have you ever been convicted of child abuse or neglect or is there a pending criminal charge against you?    If yes, please explain here: 
  Office Use Only:   Background Check Done?   Payment Made? 

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